Where Do You Need Improvement?

I narrow my focus on coaching you through self-improvement through 4 different areas; Growth Mindset, Preparation, Building Relationships and Well-Being in a High Stress Environment.  Where do you need improvement?

Developing a Growth Mindset:


As a young man, I knew I could achieve anything I put my mind to. Working with students today, it’s my mission to help them understand their own limitless potential. The key to unlocking this potential lies in having the right mindset.

There’s Power in Preparation:


Focus on the process. The results will follow. This attitude has guided me ever since I first set foot on the basketball court at the age of 13, to when I suited up for Coastal Carolina University in the NCAA.

Going Beyond the Sale:


We all know there’s a huge gulf of difference between managers and leaders. Leaders inspire. Leaders move organizations forward. Having built leaders over my years as a trainer, a professor, and a business consultant, I can help you direct your energy to becoming a more efficient and
effective leader.

The Thin Blue Line:


Committing your career to bettering the community through law enforcement is one of the noblest professions there is. However, it is also one of the most mentally taxing careers as well. Officers are exposed to situations on a daily basis that most people will never experience in their entire lives.

about me

Know Yourself


Currently,  I teach two graduate level classes as a university adjunct professor at Canisius College and I am the President & CEO of my own basketball training business (NLP) which rocketed from a Canadian driveway into a global success.

Not only am I a Global Entrepreneur, Inspirational and Educational Speaker, Professor and an International Basketball Trainer, I continue to evolve and organically grow my mind, heart and brand by continuing to absorb information and give back through mentoring others.

I have earned a Master’s Degree in Sports Administration from Canisius College, I am a former Detective constable serving the Niagara community, I have two undergraduate business degrees from Coastal Carolina University while on an NCAA basketball scholarship and I had an opportunity to be part of the Canadian Jr. National Team.

This is a long way from the boy who grew up in communist Romania where waiting in line for food rations was just a fact of life every day. My life circumstances could have been deemed hopeless, but I knew I could control my mind to overcome the adversity, even if it was just within me.

After the fall of the communist regime, my family and I immigrated to Canada in search of a new life. At the age of fifteen, I relocated to a new country and did not speak the English language, yet I was determined not to let a language barrier become an obstacle.


I was positive and found life lessons in the adversity that society labelled as an unfortunate situation with no resources to assist me in overcoming a stigma that could have destroyed my dreams; yet by controlling my mindset, staying positive I began to grow surpassing any boundaries. These traits have come to define me, and they continue to support my ongoing growth.

All along, I have been guided by my core values and aspiration to search outside the box – a universal space that will not limit your dreams only propel you to the next level.

I believe that if you only pursue what society expects you to, you will never truly be fulfilled. I have chosen to take ownership of my life by simply chasing happiness – my version of mental health.

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