Committing your career to bettering the community through law enforcement is one of the noblest professions there is. However, it is also one of the most mentally taxing careers as well. Officers are exposed to situations on a daily basis that most people will never experience in their entire lives.

For this reason, it’s critical for officers to focus on their mental health, well-being and preparation. It’s a lesson I’ve had to learn through my years with the Niagara Regional Police. Having reached the level of detective in the street crime unit, I’ve had to see people at their lowest. In many ways, their desperation reminds me of my life in communist Romania, because their life is no longer their own. They’re just living for the next high. Seeing that kind of hopelessness is difficult for any officer because you just want to help so badly.

Developing healthy coping mechanisms to deal with this intense on-the-job stress isn’t easy, but it is key to longevity in the career and positive life outside of work.

Today, some of my greatest satisfaction comes from working with former colleagues to help develop a wall of separation between the job and personal life.


"Mihai Raducanu is one of the most, if not the most, determined, sincere and fun loving person on the planet. His intelligence, brightness and positivity is infectious to everyone he encounters. Mihai has made a monumental impact on my life. He has been a lifelong mentor to me. He is like an older brother to me and I can not thank him enough for what he has done for me. Not only has he guided me through my basketball journey but he has also helped shape the man I have become. His ability to inspire has motivated me work as hard as I can achieve things I never thought I could achieve. His tough love attribute has helped me acknowledge and learn from the mistakes I have made in my life. His wisdom has led me down the correct path. His fun loving attitude has infected me with a constant positive energy which helps me enjoy life to the fullest. Mihai has an endless amount of amazing qualities and he can inspire anyone he comes across. Mihai has help me become a confident young man who believes he can do anything he puts his mind to."