Focus on the process. The results will follow. This attitude has guided me ever since I first set foot on the basketball court at the age of 13, to when I suited up for Coastal Carolina University in the NCAA.

Preparation is the single most important action an athlete take to become successful in their chosen field. I enjoy working with athletes of all ages and skill levels to show them how to train purposefully. Hard work is only one aspect of the equation.

Most games are won and lost before they’re ever played. Working with me, athletes learn powerful methods and techniques to ensure the mind and body are properly prepared for growth and success.

I learned to fall in love with the process through sport, but these techniques apply to other areas of life. Purposeful and strategic preparation helped me earn my Master’s at the age of 33, and saw me through to becoming a University Professor less than a year later.

Let me show you how to properly prepare for all the big moments in your life and career as well.


"Mihai, how do we say thank you for being a mentor, a confidante, another parent and a best friend to our daughter? We can’t! You have literally been and are all these things to her daily... She looks to you for strength, compassion, encouragement, support and laughter. To say you taught her a few things is laughable. Teaching goes beyond basketball, it encompasses life moments and responsibilities that most kids never get from anyone. You will always be a special part of our family and you will never know just how truly grateful we are for all you have done and continue to do!"
"Don’t ever make excuses, always keep learning, be uncomfortable in order to grow, respect everyone around you, do things with passion, stay focused and so much more. These are just a few of the lessons that Mihai left with me as I moved from high school to University. He helps you to see exactly what you’re capable of accomplishing and realize that nothing is impossible."