As a young man, I knew I could achieve anything I put my mind to. Working with students today, it’s my mission to help them understand their own limitless potential. The key to unlocking this potential lies in having the right mindset.

I’m 6’9” tall, so it’s easy for some people to assume that my success in basketball came from my size. However, that would be a mistake. The sports world is full of people with immense talent who could never translate their gifts into success.

The difference maker is the desire to learn and the belief that we can all get better. This is what’s known as the growth mindset. Studies show that people with a growth mindset worry less about being good, or being smart, and devote more of their energy to learning. This frame of mind has served me well.

I arrived in Canada as a 15 year old who could not speak a word of English. Within a semester I became fluent. A few short years after learning the language, I took the court for Canada’s Junior National basketball team.

My talks with students are thought provoking, funny, and always uplifting. I use examples from my life to show young people how they can become successful simply by being willing to accept the challenge.


" A key point I took away from this was the “Value Of Time” Mihai stressed throughout his presentation of how important time was which is hundred percent true, this meaning that every single thing in your life takes time and if you want to succeed in anything your time is a key element, you need to put your time in the right places instead of wasting it."
"Mihai was by far the best guest speaker in my opinion so far, his passion for what he does truly drives him to be the best he can possibly be. His change of tone and volume to empha- size his key topics kept all of our attention, and the use of his personal connections in his topics and stories truly kept every student wanting more, listening to everything he had to say."