I can still see it with perfect clarity, a sullen gray sky hovering over
the line of souls stretched halfway down the street. Growing up in communist Romania under Ceausescu’s brutal rule, waiting in line
for rations was just a fact of life. Even as a child, I knew there was something so degrading about being forced to wait in line like cattle for hours for a few scraps of bread.

It’s not that I minded helping my family. I’m proud of doing my part to put food on the table. What really bothered me was the hopelessness of it all. I couldn’t stand seeing the silent screams of my fellow countrymen who yearned for freedom, but had somehow accepted it may never come.

I needed more. This burning desire for freedom is where my mindset was forged. Though my life’s circumstances were dictated to me, I could still control my mind. I could remain positive, find the lessons in adversity, and seek growth. These traits have come to define me and they continue to support my success.

After the fall of the communist regime, my family immigrated to Canada.

I was 15 and couldn’t speak a word of English. After having seen people murdered in the streets of Romania, I wasn’t going to let a language barrier get in my way. I’ve since earned multiple degrees, played basketball at the NCAA level, started my own business, served the community as a police officer and later a detective, and currently operate a world-class basketball training company.

This is my story. All along, I’ve been guided by my core values and aspirations. After being denied my freedom of choice for so long, there was no way I could live by anyone else’s rules again. The same needs to hold true for you. If you only pursue what society expects you to, you will never be truly fulfilled. By getting in touch with your true self, you will be able to bring your words, thoughts and actions into alignment and start to make this life your own.

This is my where I can help. My passion is to use the lessons I’ve learned to empower others to take control of their mindset and strive to achieve their goals. It’s never too late to start.

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